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An intensive training on digital transformation

Learn the difference between digitalization and digital transformation, and how it impacts every aspect of the citizen









Digital Advisor Government of Estonia

Marten Kaevats is the National Digital Advisor of the Estonian government, the world’s most advanced country in e-Government and Digital Society. Responsible for the Implementation and Development of the Estonia Digital Strategy.

Estonia is a global model in innovation, it´s the first nation to declare the Internet as a human right. 99% of official procedures are done online, in schools they teach robotics, companies are created in three hours and already have digital residents from all over the world.


Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer of United Hatzalah

As an innovator of Medical devices that are used globally. Dovie founded the App technologies that are used to locate the closest volunteer to any emergency. Still active in reserves after serving in four wars, Dovie was a commander in the combat medical unit of the IDF. Being a first responder to majority terror attacks in the past two decades. Dovie spearheaded multiple international missions to disaster- stricken countries. He currently stands on the International Editorial Board of JEMS magazine.


Co-founder Koibanx

Lawyer, co-founder at Koibanx, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. Legal Adviser in RSK Smart Contracts, member of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

Sabina Schneider

Chief Solutions Officer Globant

Sabina Schneider is focused on delivering end to end transformations in organizations that are willing to provide a high impact differential service and product to clients by breaking down big business challenges into actionable elements that boost the change through experience, internal process, culture, data and technology.

Sabina helps companies achieve their goals and build relevant relationships with end clients through data-driven, rapid and dynamic technology solutions. At Globant, she has worked with clients such as JPM Chase, Disney, Channel4, Autodesk and Y&R.

Sabina includes strong expertise in Agile Methodologies, Development and Big Data business value provisioning and has spoken at several industry events including: AWS Big Data Breakfast Summits in Sao Paulo and NYC, London Big Data Breakfast, Bogota Big Data Hackathon and Medellin Hackathon.


Head of the Specialized Cybercrime Fiscal Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Argentina- UFECI

Horacio is a lawyer, graduated from the Catholic University of Argentina, with a postgraduate degree in criminal law at the University of Palermo. He has 25 years of experience in the Argentine justice service. He is currently head of the Specialized Cybercrime Fiscal Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Argentina, an institution dedicated to investigating computer crimes (UFECI).


Secretary of Management Coordination in the Ministry of City Security

He is a lawyer (UBA), Marketing Technician (Levy Marketing), MBA of the IAE Business School and co-founder of # 140minutes, an innovation space aimed at creating synergy among its participants and generating a positive impact on society.

 Before joining the public service, he promoted several startups and worked in consulting and business management.

 He began his career in public management in 2012 as General Director of Neighborhood Care in the City Government. In 2014 he became the Deputy Secretary of Citizen Attention. During 2015 he was Assistant Secretary of Smart City in the Ministry of Modernization, from where he promoted projects to make Buenos Aires a more enjoyable city through technology and innovation.

 He then assumed the position of City Planning Secretary, being responsible for accompanying the Head of Government and the Head of Cabinet in the definition of the Government plan and coordinating all areas in the planning and execution of their projects, for the achievement of goals.

 He currently serves as Secretary of Management Coordination in the Ministry of Security of the City, with the responsibility of providing support, monitoring and coordination  of the different areas projects of the Ministry.


Abogamer, video game lawyer.

Abogamer, video game lawyer. Founder of Geekylegal, a techonology journalistic initiative.
Researcher in ethics and governance of Artificial Intelligence, in the Machine Intelligence Lab of the Center for Technology and Society (CeTyS), University of San Andres.

Fernando Tomeo

Lawyer specialized in Data Protection, Internet and Privacy.

Lawyer specialized in Data Protection, Internet and Privacy. Director of the Postgraduate Program in Law of New Technologies, Digital Communication and Social Networks at UBA (University of Buenos Aires).


Specialist in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care,

Specialist in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care, Teamleader of the Buenos Aires chapter of Singularity University and medical coordinator of the intensive care unit of Sanatorio Güemes. The future of health and technology.

Gaston Irigoyen

CEO Naranja X

Gaston leads this new company with headquarter in Buenos Aires. Technological, autonomous and independent, Naranja X arises with the objective of strengthening the value proposition of Naranja. It also aims to the open market in Argentina and Latin America, seeking to facilitate the financial and non-financial life of the people and businesses, with 100% digital and easily scalable products and services.
Irigoyen has a degree in International Relations and graduated from the University of San Andrés. In the past, he served as CBO of Restorando (later acquired by TripAdvisor); CEO of Guidecentral (later acquired by wikiHow); and as CEO of iMundial (acquired by KIA Motors).

He was also the fifth Google employee in Argentina, where he developed the Digital Agencies business for Latin America. He was part of the team that launched the YouTube Partner Program in Europe. Throughout his professional career, he was in touch with innovation and multiculturalism,
working in countries like Ireland and the United States. In 2014, he was distinguished by Forbes magazine in his “35 sub 35” list. Currently, he is Professor at the Master in Business & Technology of the University of San Andrés.

Gustavo Giorgetti

Founder and President of ThinkNet S.A.

Founder and President of ThinkNet S.A., I&D&I company which develops methodologies and software´s tools for Organizational Change Management, integrating Total Quality concepts, Human´s Behavior investigation and Information Technologies;

Meet the case of Neuquén, the small province of 600.000 inhabitants that followed in the footsteps of Estonia, the most digital country in the world, and today is an emblem of digital transformation in Latin America.

Alejandro Airoldi

Co-Founder at Smart Minds SAS

Alejandro is an electronics and communications engineer at UCA, with a specialization in control systems from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and an MBA from the IAE Business School. He is CEO of mcelectronics, a development-oriented electronics company with microcontrollers. He is also Editorial Director at Electroners Magazine. He is currently CTO of Smart Minds, where he develops and implements Cognitive IoT and Predictive Analytics solutions for different industries allowing to reduce costs and optimize processes through the use of technology.


Licenciada en comunicación social con orientación periodística (UCA). 

Actualmente, conductora de Dímelo Tú Aire programa de radio en FM MILENIUN 106.7 Martes a las 23 hs y como columnista en «Lo Que el día se llevó» por LN+, Además como periodista en el ciclo de Conversaciones en LN+. Columnista en EL ELEGIDO y en ESTILO MARIANA.
Será la encargada de moderar el evento.


9-19 hs.



Lunch, Coffee break
and After Drinks

U$D 100


Before november 15th:

Lunch, Coffee break
and After Drinks

U$D 135




María Paula

Social Communicator, specialist in Digital Marketing and Sales, with more than 10 years in the digital industry. Founder and Director of WAV Digital agency.

Juan Pablo

Business administrator, founder of Cool Marketing, a company specialized in creativity, strategy, activation and BTL production for mass consumption brands.

Benjamin R. Roberts

Event Production & PR. He has been working in Cool Marketing for more than 8 years. Today he is the Commercial Director of the agency.


Bachelor of Marketing, specialist in production and event coordination. He has been working in Cool Marketing for more than 10 years. Today he is Production Director of the agency.


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